My Services

  1. After our initial contact by telephone or email, if I am available for the date and time you have selected for your ceremony, we will meet in person.  Following that meeting you can make the decision if I am the person you would like to have perform your ceremony.

  2. If you decide you would like to book my services, I will make your reservation when you provide a non-refundable deposit to hold that date and time for you.

  3. The fun then begins as we explore your vision of your ceremony! I will have samples of ceremonies from which you can start your creative process.

  4. I will also guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary registration and licence.

  5. We will continue to collaborate by phone and email as we create your ceremony.

  6. No later than two weeks before your wedding we will have another personal meeting to go over final details. This will ensure that rehearsal time is exactly that – rehearsal of all that has already been planned.  At this meeting you will also provide your final payment for my services.

  7. A few days before your wedding, at the time you had previously reserved, I will either lead your rehearsal or be present at it if you prefer someone else to lead it. My goal when leading rehearsals is to go through every step, from procession to recession, ensuring everyone knows what is required of them.  In my experience this is the best way to make everyone as confident and calm as is possible on the actual wedding day.

  8. On your wedding day, I will arrive at least fifteen minutes earlyThen all that you have dreamed of will happen – I will perform your ceremony and you will be legally and joyfully married!